Section I: Pricing


a. At the time the estimate is given, the customer will be responsible for all flower selections as well as any required payments set forth in this contract.


b. Estimates made by the florist concerning pricing are based on the most recent information available. In the event that a market price change occurs between the estimate date and the wedding date, the florist reserves the right to adjust prices to cover the difference. Additionally, in the event that a type of flower both parties agree on at the time of the estimate becomes unavailable by the wedding date due to shortages or other circumstance, the florist will make all efforts to maintain the agreed upon design and color.


c. At the time the estimate is approved, the customer is required to pay a fifty percent (50%) non-refundable deposit in return for the florist reserving the agreed upon date for the wedding. Complete payment is required no later than twenty-five (25) days prior to the wedding date. In the event of non payment after this time, the customer is required to make payments equal to fifteen dollars ($15) for each day that complete payment has not been received.


d. The customer may freely remove and add items up until the twenty-five (25) day cut off point, but will agree to the current market price respective to each item added.


Section II: Rentals


a. Unless otherwise agreed on, rental items for wedding parties include ferns, ivies, trees, live plants, glassware, hardware, non-floral, silk floral, vases and all other props.


b. The florist is not responsible for the lighting of candles they themselves provide or are otherwise included. The lighting of candles will be the responsibility of any assignees of the customer.


c. The customer agrees to return all rental items within twenty-four (24) hours of the event start time or be subject to additional late fees equal to ten percent (10%) of the total value of rented items and equipment per day of non-delivery.


d. Returned items must be found to be in satisfactory condition. Any damage above and beyond normal wear and tear will be covered by the customer. The value of any non returned item or irreparably damaged item is equal to six (6) times its rental cost.


Section III: Event Set Up


a. If both parties agree, the florist will be responsible for the event equipment set up. This responsibility will be rendered void in the event of lightning, severe winds, or other adverse weather conditions.


b. The customer agrees to make payments to the florist for services in the form of checks or cash. Any returned checks will incur charges equal to fifty dollars ($50) in addition to service charges.


c. This contract is considered effective at the time the customer places the deposit with the florist, regardless of signature on agreement.


Section IV: Contract Termination and Breach


a. The customer reserves the right to cancel this agreement if written notification is delivered to the florist within sixty (60) days of the event date with the understanding that the initial deposit of fifty percent (50%) will not be refunded. If written notification is given to the florist any time after sixty (60) days prior to the event date, the customer will be required to pay one hundred percent (100%) of the agreed upon cost of services.


b. Any breach of contract by the customer will result in the florist taking legal action for all damages and loss, including legal fees.



Section V: Consent for Use


a. Pictures of the event may be used to showcase flowers to other brides. Please sign below to allow pictures and likenesses from the event to be used for this purpose: